Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Usually the belly goes down...

Well, packing on the miles just isnt helping anymore these days. It seems like no matter what I do this belly just keeps getting bigger. I think if I had done the biggest loser, I would have been the only one going in reverse.

I am having to start winding down my runs. They are ever more frequently becoming walks. the lungs are shrinking as this thing inside me keeps on growing. Here is a pic to keep you up to date.

Love you all and miss you. School will end someday...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

So it's been a minute

So I am not sure if I will even be found on here anymore. Went out for three yesterday. It was a long three. I knew it would be. It is funny. I really miss my group. It seems that I am still running but I have lost the passion and fun that I had when I was with the RW group and Team Bean.

Belly is getting larger. Probably gona have to slow to a walk before too long. Just incase you have forgotten what I look like...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Working my way back up.

I am so proud of all of you that are running out there. I have taken the longest break from running afterbeing in my running prime. I was hurt, but loving life after the marathon. I had every intention of gettin g back out there after my knee was better. happened and I got extreamly busy. I am sure most of you know that if I don't have all my coals in the fire, then I am just not busy enough.
All this to say, that I started running again. I am too busy to run when the group gets together, but that was my biggest excuse to not running at all. So I ditched the excuses and got myself back out on the road. I am only able to run during the day on wednesday through friday. If any of you want to run during that time, let me know.
So I have these loops I plotted out when I ran my half two Novembers ago. 1 mile through 8. I thought, well lets do the three miler. Much to my disappointment and amazement, I was in need of a couple of breaks. I thought I just ran a marathon...oh yeah, 4 months ago. That is forever in running years. I am a beginner again. But I am not letting me get down by this. I know that I can build up just as fast.
Hope to see you all out there very soon.

Love Erin

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am back...and now I'm not.

Well if you missed Thursdays missed me. I came out to get in a mild weather run. Temps in the 70's in my kind of weather. I couldn't afford to miss tonight's run. I wore my Team Bean shirt just in case people forgot who I was. But, as Tatur Dave pointed out...the shirt shrunk. Well, THANKS Tatur Dave for giving me a complex. Come to find out, the dryer doesn't shrink clothes...the refrigerator does. Well the fridge coupled with not running will work the body over. I have missed you all so much. I am going to try to be out there more, but ya'll are just nuts in those coooold temps. I will take 90 and humid anyday over the cooooooold.

Thank s for having me back and see you soon.
P.S. I am not really prego...I am just that fat now.

Monday, December 29, 2008

I need your help!!!!

I need your help!!!
Ok, so my daughter's photographer entered Tatum into an Image of the year contest. There are eight photos and Tatum's is #8.
You can vote once a day/per email address (so if you have more than one, then vote away) everyday til the 4th.
The winner of this contest will receive a free 16x20 picture pre matted. I WANT THIS PHOTO!!!!
Vote early and vote often.

On another note, I cannot wait to see you all again. I will see you all New Years Eve at the run.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Im the new guy

It's official. I just steped down as the Chaplain of the FOP Auxiliary and took up the new office of Vice President. This is very exciting to me. My first fundraiser as VP is now officially the Race into the new year...that I have been plugging shamelessly for the last month or so anyone who would listen......and some that would not.
Anyway, Now that the position is official, I will be pushing harder for you all to sign up for this race. The proceeds go to Tulsa Police Officers Memorial Fund. Kathy at Runner's World Tulsa has been working het tail off (as always) to make sure this thing is TOP NOTCH.
So get out there and sign up. I don't want to look like a failure with my first act as VP.

Here is the website to sign up:

So do it. "Do It"

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Missing my beaners

Ok, as some of you know, I have suffered a bit of a knee injury from the marathon. NO, NO, NO, this isn't a complaining session about that. I haven't run one day since the Route 66. I am getting ready to start packing on the lbs but worse than that...I miss running with the Runners world group. I miss my beaners. Kim, Lisa, Jason and Deon...don;t kick me out yet. I promise it's getting better.